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Nanan Municipal Party Committee Huang Nankang inspects the operation of Senyuan Group

2015/4/10 15:29:30
"Quanzhou is famous for its private economy and is famous for its entrepreneurship. Standing at a new historical starting point, Quanzhou has entered a critical stage of transformation and upgrading." Policies at all levels of government have intensively introduced support policies, national-level financial comprehensive reform pilot zones, and provincial-level private economy comprehensive supporting reform experiments, etc., to make greater contributions to the promotion of Quanzhou private enterprises’ "secondary entrepreneurship" to gather more positive energy.

Senyuan won the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification

2015/4/10 15:28:48
Senyuan is based on reality, looks to the future, pursues sustainable development, wants Qingshan, wants green water, and uses strength to prove that Senyuan has made efforts and actions to reduce environmental pollution and energy waste and actively participate in environmental protection, and declare environmental protection and society to the society. Responsible corporate development determination.

Great news! The company is an updated website of the old station!

2015/3/21 11:33:30
The company’s previous old website is Senyuan Co., Ltd., now it is an update station, we will provide more comprehensive information and quality services. Welcome new and old customers to visit this site! If you have any needs, you can order by phone or call us!
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