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Mengma MOMA end overall wood work 2018 Guangzhou Construction Expo will re-display Fanghua

2018/3/29 0:00:00
MOMA Mengma’s overall woodwork is unveiled with high-quality light luxury hotel furniture products, capturing the hearts of the people and becoming the representative of the high-end wood customization of the entire exhibition hall. As a high-end whole-house custom brand owned by Senyuan Furniture Group, a well-known custom furniture manufacturer in China, MOMA Mengma’s overall woodwork interprets the extraordinary strength and accumulation of the company for more than 20 years.

Tender for air-conditioning installation supplier on the third floor of the office building of Guangdong Senyuan Mengma Industrial Co., Ltd.

2018/3/26 0:00:00
Dongsenyuan Mengma Industrial Co., Ltd. office building three-story air-conditioning installation tender to increase the transparency of air-conditioning installation projects, to provide a good competitive environment for the majority of suppliers, Guangdong Senyuan Mengma Industrial Co., Ltd. decided to determine the company’s office through tendering The air-conditioning installation supplier on the third floor of the building invites suppliers (companies) with experience in air-conditioning installation to participate in the bidding. Welcome to register or recommend.

MOMA/CASA |Whole wood industry

2018/3/21 0:00:00
On March 21st, the 2018 China Construction Expo (Shanghai) was grandly opened at the Hongqiao·National Exhibition Center! More than 300 well-known brand enterprises, more than 30,000 visitors with professional value of commercial value, industry associations, designers, media reporters and other industry people gathered in Hongqiao 80,000 square meters "all-room high-end custom platform" to share business opportunities.

Guangdong Senyuan Mengma Industrial Co., Ltd. Furniture Project Phase II 3# Civil Engineering Project Tender Notice

2018/3/16 0:00:00
The civil engineering of the 3# plant of the second phase of the furniture project of Guangdong Senyuan Mengma Industrial Co., Ltd. has been approved by the relevant departments. It is now decided to open tender for the construction of the project and select the cost consulting company.

MOMA/CASA Mengma overall woodwork | high-end overall wood work Shanghai Construction Expo 2018 stunning debut

2018/3/16 0:00:00
The opening ceremony of the whole house customization industry - 2018 China (Shanghai) Construction Expo will be held on March 21-23 at the Shanghai Hongqiao Convention and Exhibition Center.
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